Friday, February 26, 2010

Women as important as extra salt in food

I have the allure for childhood. I am, as always, swayed that childhood is the best phase in your life. Whatever you learn there, will always be with you. It is like a footprint of your life and all other phases are mere caricature with respect to the footprint. I think that is the reason, every time something I find interesting enough to write about, at the same time something from my old memories come and I can draw a parallel.

So here I am, once again to contemplate my thoughts, about something and draw a parallel. I think this is my way of judging, though it feels like a hypocrite as I always condemn sagacity. :)

“Once there was a donkey, his master and master’s little son. One day they all were going somewhere, and master and son were walking beside the donkey. A passerby passed and commented, ‘what a fool. Why can’t they ride donkey!’ Father immediately ordered his son to get on donkey’s back. After traveling some distance, another passerby passed and commented, ‘what a shame! Old father is on foot and son is riding on donkey.’ After listening to the comment, father and son changed their respective positions. So good so far! NO! Another passerby commented ‘what a shame, small kid is walking and father is having nice smooth journey.’ Both of them then sat on donkey’s back and least to say that donkey died soon. But story continues, passerby still commented, ‘cruel people, killed an innocent animal! ”

In school or from your grand mothers and aunts, all of us must have heard about this story. This is again one of the stories that I have learnt a lot from. Erudition stands the test of time and still holds legitimate. In the circumstances you are caught in your life, many times you have multiple picks to choose from and choice is purely yours. But, no matter what you choose, there will always be passerby that will comment. So the basic idea to survival is not to be bogged down by such passerby’s but rather be firm on your choice. Remember they are only passerby and no matter how much importance they might affix to themselves, they are only as important as extra salt in food. :lol:

Now coming to the point, which reminded me of this story, well plenty! But maximum credit will go to a woman who thinks that she is a judge and for me she is again as important as passerby, or may be even less than that. She is [B][I]somehow caught [/I][/B]in a successful love marriage and has full right to comment on anyone’s love life. Every time she will see some couple together, she will pass a judgment about the future of their providence. I think it’s not exceptional, as most of the Indians have this as their darling past time. If a couple manage to be with each other perpetually, she will tell you all the tales about how much compromise that girl or boy has done for this marriage and how this alliance is mostly a concession. And if, god forbid, couple separates, then she announces that ‘they are never bound to be together. I never gave any approval to this relationship.’ As if it’s their acceptance that dictates your relationship. :yuck: What these type of women doesn’t understand is that probably they are themselves self-doubting and most of the times themselves busy getting acceptance from their near ones. May GOD grant them same so that others psyche may rest in tranquility.

And always commit to memory, no matter what track you may pick, you will get these types of women or men to pass judgment on. Again the idea is not to be bogged down by these miniatures but to move on.

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