Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Money vis-a-vis Happiness

Have you ever come across a story where a rich man, or shall I say super-rich man, gives away everything in charity in order to find peace and happiness. Well I have come across many such stories and recently read one at GRS.

After reading these stories one tends to think that money is all non-sense and that money has absolutely no relation to happiness or money is all evil that brings sadness. Am I Right?

No, that's incorrect. Answer this, have you ever come across a poor man, who has never been rich, claiming that he doesn't want more money or doesn't thinks that money can make him more happy? My honest answer is NO.

So how one does relates these two findings? One who has money thinks money is responsible for his non-happiness and other who has no money thinks money can make him happy?

I think that it is all about balanced view of money. Money's presence or absence can't make you happy or miserable. Money is a tool. If you have money you have a choice to outsource few things that you don't want to do yourself and hence buy time for things that you enjoy. Thus, money is indeed making you happier. But what people generally forget is that money is a tool to make you happy. Just acquiring wealth and not enjoying the life in the process is not going to make you happier.

What do you think; is money evil or an absolute must?


  1. One of my teachers once told me that money can't buy you happiness, but the lack of it can sure make you miserable. That's what I believe in too.

  2. See this: http://imposters.blogspot.com/2009/11/on-money-and-happyness.html

    I think, money will simply amplify whatever you already have..nothing more. So don't ever try to chase money for happiness