Sunday, February 21, 2010

IDFC repeats the saga of HDFC fund house

I shared in my previous post how fund house or CAMS delayed sending ECS mandate form to my bank and I had hard time understanding the reasons.

IDFC fund house repeated this saga for me. On 15th when my HDFC ECS bounced, I was worried for IDFC ECS, which was due on 18th and mandate form was still not available with my bank. I called IDFC fund house almost 5 times in two days politely requesting them to tell me the status of ECS mandate form. They kept on telling me that they will get back to me in 1-2 hours but never called back. Hence, I had to make 5 calls for same. Then on 17th evening, I requested them to please stop the ECS for tomorrow. Guy told me he will call me back in 2 hours but I never got a call back.

Result of ridiculous customer service of IDFC fund house, I paid service charges for my bounced ECS. I can only wish that there are more entities like ABN Amro Bank.


  1. I think u should write a formal email to customer service with date and times of call including the customer service executive's name( it may be not be true name but a name that he or she told u).
    I keep a diary for this purpose alone, so when i write an email
    i quote all that down and ask him the reason why I should refrain from taking this matter to Banking Ombudsman.
    Because see in this case the fine that your bank applies is due to the fault of the fund house, add to it the standard mental fatigue etc.,
    It will give u a good response or it will help your case( if u file ) your diary being a CONSISTENT method of entry it might help your case.

  2. @Murali
    I have all the details with me as well. I was in double mind about writing an email, but I think you skewed my thoughts towards it now. It needs to be done not for my service charges but more so that they can improve for future atleast.
    Thanks for a valueable suggestion. :)