Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update Post

There has been a silence over here.
So a little update post about "whereabouts and whatabouts".

Well, I decided to let pass the opportunity I talked about. Simple reasons, it's not lucrative enough to leave my settled home and resettle everything in new state. That hassle needs more motivation then current offer is.

And I had a fight with my manager in my current position. So, I am more then determined to change my Job. This means rigorous study and hence no time for this blog for now.

In fact, this time this urge is so serious that first time in my life I have stopped tracking my expenses. Yes, this month I am not tracking my monthly expenses. Just took out a lump sum money and till everything is within that amount, I am going to be OK. I don't want to waste any time on tracking.

I will be posting scarcely here for now, but will definitely be catching with everybody on my GRS. It can't be all work after all.

For now, I am hoping, preparing and praying to get a new job soon.