Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 Goals Tracking - September End

These are my goals for 2010.
1)Continue learning new dishes to cook. One new dish per week.
2)Continue to be on budget.
3)Start saving for prepayment of mortgage. 2L should be saved for same.
4)Contribute to retirement as per the plan.
5)Be less obsessive on daily tracking of things.
6)Learn to swim.
7)Improve healthy eating.
8)Earning Rs 50250 (2010*25) extra in 2010

It's September end and let's see how am I fairing in these goals.
Goal 1 - Cooking - FAIL. I was busy for interviews, shifting, home repair :(
Goal 2 - Budget - FAIL. See Goal 1.
Goal 3 - Save for Mortgage - PASS.
Goal 4 - Save for Retirement - PASS.
Goal 5 - Obsession for tracking - PASS
Goal 6 - Swimming - Don't Know - Have dropped it for now.
Goal 7 - Healthy Eating - PASS
Goal 8 - Extra Earnings - PASS. Updated: I calculated just now and I exceeded my extra earning goal. Wow
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Update on my end

My posting here became very sparse because I was very unhappy with my job and redirected all my energies to doing something about it.

Few months back I got an offer from some org in another city but couldn't join it because of personal reasons.

My DH and me, mutually, decided that we both wanna change our jobs and hence started hunt once again. He got a job in Hyderabad and finally I also got one there. So we are relocating to Hyderabad.

So, I am sure i'll be able to resume my thoughts on money here once my relocation is done. Its just few more days to go and I am really reverse counting them.

Any packing/relocating tips from any of you guys? Please do let me know.