Friday, March 5, 2010

I am so so confused :(

I am confused :(

Ok, here is the story, this time mine, not a fiction one as in here.

I am not happy in my current job. I am working at this place for almost five years now; to be precise I will be completing 5 years in this August. I have got bad hike from last two years, not because I didn't performed, but because of low dollar cost one year, and recession the other year. Even this year picture is very gloomy. The division where I used to work, the work that I used to love, has been sold off last year. Almost all of us had been absorbed somewhere else in my company, I must confess a very genuine effort on their part, and they could have given us pink slip. I got moved in last mid-November. I do not like my new work. I hate it so so much. Everyday when I get up in the morning I feel like bunking my office. :(

Sad story, right? I made up my mind that I had to do something about all this. I started giving interviews and now I got an offer. This is second offer that I had got this time around. First one was almost OK other then they were calling me for almost same salary I am getting now. I refused without a blink.

Now, today I got another offer. They are again offering me almost same salary plus involve relocation. They are, yes, offering me a promotion, something that I don't see anywhere in my near future in my current company. They have the work that I want to do, I hope so.

Lots of things point out that this offer is bad and I should reject it too, but some part of me says that I should take it. Situation is something like, here it’s sure bad and there it's possible to be bad. :(

I am not sure what shall I do? I think I need to weigh in lots of things and do lots of calculation and brainstorming before I can come to some conclusion. Oh GOD, please guide me. Please.

I can't promise you that I'll do what you will suggest, but if you understand my dilemmas please feel free to drop some lines, to motivate me, to guide me, something.


  1. The saying is "Better choose the devil you know than the God you don't know". Hope it helps... :-)

  2. Be simple, list out in point
    1. Why do you want to change ? Job/Money/Work/Or same company for past 5 year, Give weightage to each accordingly as per your req (+ive -ive both).
    2. Give marks to ur current job + new offered job... Just see where do you score higher and choose this simple ...
    3. Whats ur life priority? and 3 yr plan ?House/car/bank balance/family/kids/

    Have been in ur situation more than once believe me It is though .. each time I try to solve based on above 2 point.. trust me each time I do just opposite of this exercise outcome and later *just* regret ... big regret:(

    BTW we dont know each-other I came to ur blog sometime while following some money related article .

  3. Hey, I can understand the situation completely.
    I will suggest to hold on till your dream offer comes in. See, its not like that you are in very much trouble. At least you have a job... a good job.. which many people don't have. So, your situation is strong enough. To move on, on same package doesn't make any sense since you will have to start proving yourself there again which obviously will need some time. So, I think bare until dream offer...
    Well, these are my personal views.
    All the Best...
    And yes... I was looking for your contact section but could not find your email id on your blog...

  4. Hi
    Your MONEY in long term is your resume a.k.a new roles = promotion. Real money will follow that. And most important if you aren’t happy money isn’t worth it.

    Hmm.. I was in the same situation in two different shades. Only the first is important here and besides it itself is too long, so here it is

    In 2008, after working in a company that I admired in many ways and still admire for the ways it was till few years back. I had to leave. I started my work life with them in 1999.

    Reason: Career progression, job satisfaction was going down as I wanted some change. My due promotion wasn’t coming up and when enquired was asked to wait for a year or so.
    Meanwhile it was good time to get a good offer + promotion in other companies, however I knew that none others or at least the ones that I could get into would never match the work environment that my first employer had given in terms of safety, work culture ,specially strict adherence to law.

    But I had to leave, chief reasoning that led me to leave are :
    I do not have luxuries of our parent generation in today’s globalised corporate world to say “ah, well I will be here till I retire, am good and company loves me”.
    Loyalty is two way road, and am not anti corporate, am saying in today’s global setup when things go bad, finally company has to see us as a liability to shed.

    And co incidentally you can say, my beloved company laid off their own nationality citing “high cost of employment” -I knew in future I could get in that bracket.
    Oh man the stress! I never knew I could get so stressed!!

    I called up, buzzed close friends who have had this situation and drew support from them and finally last but not the least, Few lines that I kept looking often during the days of confusion
    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”: Mark Twain

    So I left and I would never regret it and now am in a 3rd employer’s place where am happy to be as now I have a chance to create a niche to my earlier qualification. (Hope it stays:) .)
    For this to happen by gods grace, good friend’s inspirations and luck in 2008 I decided to leave my first employer after 9 years of work with them,

    Wish you good results IT.

  5. From a number crunching perspective, if you're relocating then you could have extra expenses like rent etc. And since you've mentioned the package they're offering you is the same you should definitely look at your 'ultimate take home salary'.

    As for the promotion, from your post it isn't very clear that you like the job profile or not. You mentioned "here's its surely bad and there its possible to be bad" -- I say go with your gut feel -- do what your heart says. You never know there could be something interesting out there for you to take up.

  6. Life would be one easy 'vacation', if we could believe and follow just one thing...

    Do what you love doing. Money, growth and fame will simply follow. If not, at least you will be happy.

    The problem is that we make happiness a function of money, growth and fame, when it should ideally be a function of your actions taken irrespective of the results.

    I would agree though that putting the above tenet into action is more difficult compared to believing in it.

    So keep trying hard to put this into action and one would surely achieve eternal happiness.