Wednesday, March 17, 2010

trying........ to move on

When I was in sixth standard, I read in my science textbook a statement, which meant a definite one-mark question at that time. "Only those creatures survive who can adapt themselves to the environment". But never until I crossed my teens, I felt that it’s much more then that. I, as a human being, have done the same so many times in my life. When I attended college, I changed my dressing style, studying style, to suit better to the so-called new life of College. Then moving forward did same once again for my Post Graduation, first job, second job and so on.

May be I am generalizing, but I feel that in order to survive, we all do the same; change ourselves as per the new environment. In the process of survival, we meet many other humans. We tend to trust them and they tend to trust us. This mutual trust creates a bond between two humans that we conveniently name as Friendship.

But then humans are not perfect and so cannot be that bond. You tend to trust wrong people or its other way around. Few of them will behave in a way that you don’t expect them to behave in. You conveniently term them as wrong people! But if they were wrong, then how come you are hurt by what they have done! Reason being they were correct in their own survival circle, but probably it’s you who had wrong expectations from them!

So next time, if some one does a wrong to me, rather then trying to forgive them, I’ll try to forgive myself for expecting wrong from right people and hurting myself.

May be, this will improve my survival cycle. :)


  1. Change happens sometimes slowly sometimes fast.
    When it happens fast we take notice of it.
    Or when our dear and loved ones change we keep wondering why they did so without accepting " k now he /she is this way" and adjust our way of approach to them.
    I think prejudice too starts this way in many aspect. When there is difference that we are not used to we look it down right away instead of trying to accept it.