Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you Frugal or Miser?

I am a frugal person and kind of proud of it too. But one thing I know for sure is that I am not a miser.

I never compromise on a thing which matters to me. For example, if I or my loved ones need medical help I'll really never compromise on good doctors for cost. I only wear flat sandals and can't bear heels. I never ever compromise and buy a cheap sandal and compromise on comfort of my feet. I love pampering my near-dear ones with best gifts I can find. Cost doesn't come in picture.

I know that I am blessed enough to be in position to do all said above. Yes I don't have unlimited money to splurge on every thing, but it doesn't mean that I am struggling with my everyday needs too. By almighty's grace I am lucky enough to have food, clothes and house. I know that I love to splurge on nice clothes, hence I cut corner at places which doesn't matter to me.

I think that's the whole essence of being frugal. You should save money on things that doesn't matter to you. Do deals comparison; do price matching, compromise on quality for cost at places that doesn't matter. And you should splurge on things and places which are utmost important to you.

Rather, if you are always saving money, all decisions are only dictated by saving money, then you are not frugal, you are MISER. You being frugal don’t mean that you should make your partner's or family member's life miserable too.You want to save money doesn't mean that your wife should not buy few new clothes.

I never ever want to be a miser and then regret when I am old that I have all the money but diabetes, bad body, heart problem, and hence now I can't splurge on food or clothes. I like to enjoy my life today, in moderation, save for tomorrow in moderation. Extreme frugality is also not good my friend.

What about you? Are you a spender, frugal person or a miser?


  1. I probably lie somewhere between a spender and a frugal. In my early days I didn't really keep an eye on how I spent money, but I am developing a more frugal attitude as the days go by.

  2. I was a miser and now moving to frugal myself. :)

  3. MODERATION is my mantra for everything in Life.
    Always try to use the Need or Want over my temptations, but as you said we gotta live the life too. So once a while i keep up slowly my
    persistance to get what I want. One such thing
    has been macbook pro:) ,well when it came with a 7% discount and a free office license(Thats a lot of mac version) , i patted myself as an"intelligent buy" to convince myself and bought it. though i knw it was a WANT not a NEED at point of purchase:)

    WHen it comes to small things i try to save too,say I can get a discount for few grocery items(for Cooking Oil,Soap) at a wholesale shop i buy from there and it makes a difference of lot over a years budget.
    At same time I am very cautious of FREE item labels in shops. Many times you actually get something that you don't want.


  4. @Murali
    But that no where sounded like Miser. Being Frugal is awesome.