Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More insight on personal goals for 2014

I wanted to elaborate little more on my personal goals, just to have more clarity on why behind what.

One of my personal goal this year is: "Pick one bad habit of myself every quarter and work on it for full one quarter hoping to improve it eventually."

Even if not 4, I right now have one thing that I would like to improve about myself. I always most of the times judge myself based on other's reactions to me. This is very irritating and causes most of the mood swings among me. I don't lack self-confidence in my life but I think when it comes to likability, I think I am certainly not really a very confident person.

Better overall self-confidence is something I really want to work towards. 

If you guys have any tip, please do let me know.

Another goal that really needs attention is "stamina". I think at my age I should start some exercising so that I have better health and stamina while growing old. I have also got Fitbit as a gift which I am using from last few weeks.

First thing that I really want and is going to track is: Number of steps every day. 

I am going to do more research on exercises related to things I want to improve and going to add them to this list going forward in the year.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goals for 2014

2013 was year of Self  Love. Some of the key take away are:
1. I finally had a decent financial year. That feels awesome. 
2. Cooking is always going to be tough for me because that is something I don't enjoy inherently. On the other hand, given my mood, I can cook a decent meal. 
3. When I take care of my self regularly, it does feel good. This also leads to feeling bad when I go back to "not-taking-care-of-myself" mode. I think this goal REALLY WORKED last year.
Over to goals for 2014.
This year my financial goals were very clear in my mind, but it was personal ones that took so long for me.  

By no means I feel that following are the stretch goals, but I will certainly feel very happy if we end up achieving them. I just hope Murphy decides not to visit us and we can pass this category.

1. Networth: I aim to increase our networth by 20% in this financial year. This is same as last year but essentially means we have to save more (maths geek!!!).
2. Savings: Save 40% of our joint take home. I am reducing this by 10% because baby will be starting his school this year which means increased expenses.
3. Retirement: This is my priority in savings this year. Aiming to save 30% towards this.
4. Emergency Fund - Last year I have really lived on edge with almost no money in bank to achieve my goals. It gave me bad feeling too many times. I think its high time to get responsible and build some emergency fund. I am aiming for 3X monthly expenses.
5. Payoff my 1 loan - Should be able to do this by first half of the year.

This year I am not setting any budget related thing. I realized last year that tracking works fine in my household but budgeting not so much.

Continuing "Love Yourself".
1. Aim to not disturb baby's schedule on day to day basis, specifically when we have visitors.
2. Spend at least one hour on my new job related studying.
3. Pick one bad habit of myself every quarter and work on it for full one quarter hoping to improve it eventually.
4. I have to start exercising - to build my stamina again.

9 goals for this year, please wish me best of luck and I promise to try and update regularly on my progress. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

I know I am 5 days late, but still wishing me and everybody else a very happy and prosperous 2014.

I am still working on my goals for 2014, will update them soon. :)

2013 Goals Tracking - Nov & Dec End

These were my goals for 2013.

I missed tracking for November, and below's result are for November and December.


1. Networth: Pass.
2. Savings: Saved < 50%. Fail.
3. Retirement: Pass. This category is fully automated now.
4. BudgetFail.


1. Cooking: Fail.
2. Schedule for baby: Pass.  
3. Study - work related: Fail. Work has been very hectic lately, no time even for study.
4. Get rid of TV: Pass. So much work and a small baby, shortage of time in this household.
5. Self Improvement - one-thing-at-a-time: Pass.
6. Reduce Google-Reader addiction: Pass.

Total Score:  6 / 10, not good way to end year right. :(

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