Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Goals Tracking - April End

These are my goals for 2013.


1. Networth: 2.2% increase. Pass.
2. Savings: Saved > 50%. Fail.
3. Retirement: Pass. This category is fully automated now.
4. Budget: Fail. Well, April proved to be the expensive most month of the year so far. Crossing my fingers to have much better May.


1. Cooking: Fail. Was way too busy with office. :(
2. Schedule for baby: Pass. In even had a testing with relatives, but I was firm not to let baby's schedule impact this time. 
3. Study - work related: Pass. I think this is all I did this month.
4. Get rid of TV: Pass. I am back to my half an hour day TV on weekdays. Considering way things shaped in Feb and Mar, I think this is again a good progress.
5. Self Improvement - one-thing-at-a-time: Pass. I think there is improvement way we are communicating, esp from my end.
6. Reduce Google-Reader addiction: Pass. Number of posts unread in my GR are proof for same..

Total Score:  7 / 10.

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  1. Dear Ms. Indian Thoughts,

    Your goal tracking log is a very good read. I run a blog called 'free financial calculators'. I wonder if you could consider writing a guest post on your financial learning curve, mistakes and how you overcame them. How you track goals etc.
    Do let me know. Pattu