Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Goals Tracking - May End

These are my goals for 2013.


1. Networth: 3.9% increase. Pass.
2. Savings: Saved > 50%. Pass.
3. Retirement: Pass. This category is fully automated now.
4. Budget: Fail. Actually I didn't budget, with so many expenses I saw no point of that. I knew if I could achieve 1 & 2, I am good. A confession I was red in 1 and 2 but then I booked some profit and that changed the whole equation. :)


1. Cooking: Pass.
2. Schedule for baby: Pass.  
3. Study - work related: Pass.
4. Get rid of TV: Fail. Counting all the movies I watched on our DTH.
5. Self Improvement - one-thing-at-a-time: Fail. We had some bad days in last month.
6. Reduce Google-Reader addiction: Fail. I am trying to migrate most of my subscriptions to alternate modes, hence this has been little more than I want.

Total Score:  6 / 10.

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