Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More insight on personal goals for 2014

I wanted to elaborate little more on my personal goals, just to have more clarity on why behind what.

One of my personal goal this year is: "Pick one bad habit of myself every quarter and work on it for full one quarter hoping to improve it eventually."

Even if not 4, I right now have one thing that I would like to improve about myself. I always most of the times judge myself based on other's reactions to me. This is very irritating and causes most of the mood swings among me. I don't lack self-confidence in my life but I think when it comes to likability, I think I am certainly not really a very confident person.

Better overall self-confidence is something I really want to work towards. 

If you guys have any tip, please do let me know.

Another goal that really needs attention is "stamina". I think at my age I should start some exercising so that I have better health and stamina while growing old. I have also got Fitbit as a gift which I am using from last few weeks.

First thing that I really want and is going to track is: Number of steps every day. 

I am going to do more research on exercises related to things I want to improve and going to add them to this list going forward in the year.

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