Monday, March 15, 2010

Is gender biasing really true?

Yesterday I was watching "Mein aur Mrs. Khanna". If you have not watched it yet, don't waste your time by watching it. Very bad and predictable plot!

But it had an angle that got my brain to work. Lead pair, Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is having tough time in their marriage because our hero is unemployed and his wife is working and supporting him and house. He makes her life miserable as a result of this, by not communicating his feelings and not doing anything relevant for her. He was purely selfish in that part of movie.

I know this very Indian mentality even today. Indian males can hardly accept it if their wives earn more then them. It's an acceptable norm that male should earn more then female in the relationship. Women's career runs on the whims and fancies of male. She has to make lots of compromises in her working life, sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, like leaving job for raising babies, not taking promotions to avoid increase work load etc.

I am not against compromises. I am a woman and have done so and will do more in future as well, because they were never forced to me. What I find problematic is why Indian males still feel that they have right to have superior career and that women should always make compromises. Girls work equally hard to raise high in working life and have to work harder to maintain a balance in professional/personal life. But when it comes to male, no such balance exists. They take it for granted to behave in any way if their professional life is not going smooth. They will stop communicating when dealing with tight deadline at work, will leave all house hold chores when dealing with work pressure. Can women also afford to behave so immaturely?

Have you also noticed this gender biasing in Indian guys or am I really a feminist?

P.S. This is not from my personal experience. I am really blessed because my DH is more balanced then me. :)

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