Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Goals Tracking - June End

These are my goals for 2010.
1)Continue learning new dishes to cook. One new dish per week.
2)Continue to be on budget.
3)Start saving for prepayment of mortgage. 2L should be saved for same.
4)Contribute to retirement as per the plan.
5)Be less obsessive on daily tracking of things.
6)Learn to swim.
7)Improve healthy eating.
8)Earning Rs 50250 (2010*25) extra in 2010

It's June end and let's see how am I fairing in these goals.
Goal 1 - Cooking - FAIL - I am short of an excuse.
Goal 2 - Budget - FAIL - There are some months where one can fail in something they used to excel in. I mean spending double of what you spend per month is BIG FAILURE.
Goal 3 - Save for Mortgage - FAIL - see Goal 2.
Goal 4 - Save for Retirement - PASS.
Goal 5 - Obsession for tracking - PASS.
Goal 6 - Swimming - Don't Know - Have dropped it for now. No mood for this. I am feeling low in energy almost all the time. :(
Goal 7 - Healthy Eating - PASS.
Goal 8 - Extra Earnings - PASS.
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  1. Last month seems to have been a bad one for you. That said, overall you have done extremely well overall.

    I do feel that learning one dish every week is really very ambitious. Two per month is probably more like it.

  2. Actually i am not responsible to cook everyday to feed my family. Hence, I cook leisurely only on wweekends and at that time I like to try something new. Thats why 4 dishes/month.

    And I am hoping that July will be a different month.

  3. Indian thoughts,

    You seemed to have set up a huge goal list and seemed to be doing quite well. I am also right now doing No spend month, where I am on strict budget, and it is sometimes not easy. Keep doing the good work! Best wishes.