Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost and recovered mobile phone

Have you ever left your mobile phone somewhere to realize after few hours that you have actually lost it?
Have you ever tried calling back your lost mobile phone and heard that "The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off. Please try later"?

If yes, how you feel when this happens, bad, pathetic?

Now think about this.

You go to a restaurant with your family for quick dinner. Later at night while trying to find your phone, you call it from other phone only to hear someone else’s voice on the other side. He politely tells that you left the phone at the restaurant and that you can collect it back tomorrow.

How will you feel then? You will feel at the top of the world for sure and feel gratitude towards that person. That is how I felt on Friday when this happened to me at Karnataka Bhavan, Delhi. There are still non-greedy, honest people in this world.

1 comment:

  1. Thats really great!
    I would like to share similar event. Same thing happened with my collegue. She lost her mobile and after few days I got a call from her phone no. where one person informed that he found the mobile in railway station and since it has my many miss calls (that we called while searching it) in the phone, he called me. My collegue then went and collected the phone.
    It really happenes... There are still honest and non greedy people... :)