Sunday, February 28, 2010

how indians celebrate holi?

Holi is festival of colors, so colors of course play an important role in how Holi is played.

In most of the places in India, on pen-ultimate eve of Holi, a bonfire is carried out. Holi bonfire is also known as Holika Dahan. It symbolizes the fire which burnt Holika and left Prahlad unaffected.

On next day, Holi is celebrated, also known as dulhendi, using colors and water. People color each other's face with gulal of different colors. Next comes squirting of colored water using pichkaris and balloons filled with water.

In Barsana, UP, people play Lath Mar Holi in premises of Radha Rani temple. Females beat up men with sticks and men try to protect with shields. It's one of the most famous Holi's of India. Lots of people visit barsana to take part in Lath Mar Holi.

Traditional food for Holi eve is Gujjia and Thandai with Bhang.

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