Monday, February 8, 2010

How India fares in America's Biggest RipOffs

I recently read an article on CNN money that talk about America's Biggest Rip-Off’s. How many of those things are actually also overpriced in India, let's have a look.

Text Messages (SMS)
My phone plan has call rate at 1Paise per second and 1SMS costs Rs 1. So I’ll say YES though I know there are several plans available across the providers that have lesser rates for SMS.
Score - 1/9

Movie Theatre Popcorn
Sure YES. They cost Rs 45-95 per packet across all the multiplexes in NCR where as same amount when I prepare at home only costs me Rs 4.
Score - 2/9

Credit Reports
This concept is still not too big in India, so this will be NO.
Score - 2/9

Name-brand painkillers
Indians are not much obsessed for branded medicines. No.
Score - 2/9

Wine at restaurants
YES. I don't take alcohol in any form, except cough syrups and rum-chocolates, but I have heard this from my friends that wine, or any alcohol, is overpriced at restaurants.
Score - 3/9

College textbooks
NO Please.
Score - 3/9

Super gasoline
YES. Be it IOC's Extra Premium Petrol or any other brands special, they charge Rs 2/litre more. And IOC generally never has regular petrol so that one is forced to buy Extra Premium, my experience.
Score - 4/9

Hotel mini-bars
Not Sure. I'll count as NO. :)
Score - 4/9

Hotel in-room movies
Score - 5/9

Not bad. In India, we are at least saving money on 4 things that those guys are not. :)

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