Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lets get rid of these things - Amen

In one of the articles in Times Money, they list some of the things that they might think that will disappear in coming years. That was fun to read. In this post I am trying to come of with my own list of the things that I think will vanish from India in coming years. I am also picking some from their list which I would love to see in Future India. :)

No More Water Needed to Clean Clothes
No More Cheques
No More Land Lines
No More Corrupt Politicians
No More Depending on Rain for Harvest
No More Bribes
No More Discrimination in Sexes
No More Dowry Deaths
No More Eve Teasing
No More Poverty
No More Bad Roads

Well this list can go on. How about you, what all things you will like to see vanished in coming years?

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