Saturday, February 20, 2010

About Me..

E-Identity is now a day’s as vital as or probably more vital then your real individuality. And not just the social networking sites, there are so many other places on the Internet, that asks to create an account with them first, and then only privileges you with their services. Almost all of such places ask you to fill some personal details, most trendy being "About Me, Phone Number and Email Address".

And, on personal note, the most annoying of them all for me is "About Me"! Why the hell they, or for that matter any body on this earth, want to know about me before they will let me download a song, or a book, or before they will let me read some technical article! I almost never fill that column, or always give some very useless information there, latter because I don't know what useful can fit in there.

Recently after skipping something similar, I was wondering about why they always have that column there and why I always dismay it. Of course my mind was more probing about later probably because that’s related to me unlike the first one. Then after pondering too much over it, I resolved that I’ll not contempt the column next time and will indisputably answer it. So, I started filling it and it went like this:

I am a girl, probably an average looking (or may be worse then average) girl, have no special talents, have no special aim in life, have no special dreams left.” This is quite bad, no? Yes, but that’s what I am and that also answers my curiosity of why I hate those columns, because I have nothing special to pack in there. I am no celebrity, no billionaire, and then what to write in there.

But this all certainly doesn’t mean that I am a meager girl. I had my share of struggle to be where I am today. I have worked very hard, like all of us do. My story can be a common one for everybody but it’s very close to my heart. I am proud of the fact that I have done all my schooling from Government School. I am very proud that I have excelled in almost all the jobs I have done so far, be it my call center days, my TAship days or now my software engineering days. I am proud of the fact that I was a topper in my graduation, from being one of the students who failed in social studies in 7th standard. And I am absolutely obsessed about my team standing second in, which changed my life, Telescope Making Workshop, Nehru Planetarium.

I also had my share of controversies. My every step has been controversial in one way or other. During my admission to first standard, I was interviewed three times and then given the admission, because authorities have doubt that I am underage and won’t be able to perform in 1st standard. I was interviewed three times for my first job, and four rigorous technical interviews for my current job. I fought with the most respected professor of my college in front of whole faculty to get my masters admission. And in all the controversies, I am simply uninterested in sharing the problems I faced during my marriage, both personally and professionally.

I have my share of courage acts, for instance taking admission in physics honors when I almost failed in Physics in 12th standard. I was admitted in hospital when I took admission in my graduation. I fought single handedly with my lead to make him accept my resignation.

I have so much more to write that, as my husband says, I can write a book. But why should I do that? I am a part of this universe which has billions and billions of galaxies, one of which is Milky Way, where in we have many solar systems, where in we have one earth and one non-existent me. Thanks but no thanks, that is all about me, “A part of this Infinite Universe.


  1. I have different view here.
    Sharing is important because somebody can learn from your experiences. Whatever struggle that you had to do, may be somebody can plan for that by knowing your experiences. I used to think like you in past. But now I feel sharing works.
    Well, offcourse, its after all personal integrity..but sharing also gives you lots of good friends... in long run it is always useful.

  2. It's good to differ sometimes Pinkey. :)
    I believe in learning on my own.
    And I still think there is lots of common between two of us.