Thursday, February 4, 2010

how can you get your kid to be a taxiwala in Mumbai?

I was born in free India. My parents were born in partition days and grand parents faced partition. In partition they lost everything. They started their life from scratch but never complained. They used to very proudly tell the stories of the pre-independence days and how they are so proud to be living in Independent India now.

From their numerous stories, what I concluded about pre-independence days is that life used to be tough pre-independence. Indians neither had any choice nor any freedom in their own country. British people use to decide what all places we can go to, what all occupations we can take, what all policies should govern our society, who all should have decision making power, and who all will rule us. It's SAD to say the least. British people treated us, Indians, as inferior to them in our own country.

My grand-parents always used to conclude their stories as "you are lucky generation. You guys neither have seen slavery days nor the partition days. Live happily in the independent country."

Is this really true any more? I don't agree.

What British people did to us few years back is being repeated now by our politicians. Our politicians are trying to do the same, "Divide and Rule". Maharashtrian politicians don't want to see Non-Maharashtrians in Mumbai. Why and from when do I need Visa and work permit to work in any part of my country? I am born in "United One INDIA". Does an Indian should plan his kid’s birth so that they can work in some part of India? I am an Indian, and please don't sub-categorize me. Remember what binds India together and what makes us so unique is "UNITY in DIVERSITY". Let's respect this and let us not get bogged down by politicians this time.


  1. Very true...
    Its really very unfortunate that few politicians are doing that. But citizens can answer them by voting.

  2. Mahrastrian don't want outer people in mumbai.,
    But in hyderabad (AP) the some telangana people don't want their own people of AP(except telanganites) in hyderabad :)

    One is Regionalism., the other one is sub-regionalism (is this word is there?)..
    God must save our country :)

  3. No, not GOD, it has to be we Indians that need to save our country.. trust me.
    Thanks for dropping by.