Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why I hate Credit Cards?

Yes you read it right, I hate credit cards. In fact I don’t own even one of them and that doesn’t mean that no one offers me. My friends keep telling me the advantages of credit cards:
1) You don’t have to carry cash.
2) You get points for whatever you earn, so they will be giving you something for free.
3) You can buy something even if you don’t have cash now and pay next month.
4) They are must in emergencies.

These advices really made me think that am I missing something crucial? So I decided to post this entry where I want to list why I think credit cards should not be used like they have mentioned:
1) You are not paying cash. That gives you a feeling that you are not spending your money and you get tempted enough to splurge on things that are not at all required.
2) They give you points whenever you earn, again tempting you to spend more. They will not reward you if you spend less then you did last month.
3) You can buy something that you can not afford today, it means they are encouraging you to spend more then you earn.
4) For the last point, they might be a help in emergency but a must is really debatable.

So here I am, again convinced that I am quite well off without credit cards and can survive without them pretty much as I am doing till now.

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    I have not had a credit in 12 years, do not regret it. I pay cash and use my debit card. that is nough for me