Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tahaan - Movie Review

I watched Tahaan yesterday and was frightened by the first site of the theatre. There were only two people sitting in hall, and then we two entered. The first thought that came to mind at that time was, “why have I come to watch this movie which no one else is watching?” Then, two more people entered, and I smiled at them, understanding what they are going through.

Anyhow, the movie started with a dialogue “Birabala Oooooooooo” in a kid’s voice. And then next time I looked at anything but screen was when screen said “interval”. What a movie! It deals with all the difficult things to talk about, Kids, Terrorist, Kashmir, Financial Crunches and yet no where it will let you feel sad and depressed. Not really, well I was actually so much grossed in movie, that when Darr Saab refused to give back the birbal back to Tahaan even when he won the race, I really felt cheated myself. But first half is a must watch if you love water, if you love ice, if you love mountains, if you love nature. Frozen lake, sunrise, sunset, sun rays, snow fall, it never felt that I am watching them in theatre, rather I felt as if I am standing somewhere there in Kashmir and being an eye witness to this beautiful fable.

Second half dealt with Tahaan’s psychology, where he wants birbal desperately and other kid wants to use tahaan’s desperation for his tasks. How he struggles in deciding and questioning what Idrish wants him to do, how he convinces yasin that even though yasin also loves birbal as much as he himself, still it belongs to him because his father has given this to him, how he first takes away the dog saying “tujhe lag jayegi na”, and how he decides that he can do 1000 rounds of the hills to get the birbal back but cannot throw the grenade.

In all, it’s a beautiful movie and I was not bored even for a minute in the movie. So far, out of all the movies I have seen in 2008, undoubtedly this is the best movie so far.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie. I plan to watch "Burn after reading" this weekend.