Sunday, September 7, 2008

why discussing money is so tricky?

Why is money so difficult and tricky? This perplexes me completely, I mean the question. One of my friends asked me about this!

Ok his story, his wife thought that he is a spend thrift, and I really don't agree with that one at first place. Anyways, he discussed it with her and started on budgeting and saving regime. And now, his wife has a complaint that he is too thrifty, OUCH!

Well, he must have over done it at some places, but I really think that his wife should keep few things in mind, first if he is cutting down his lifestyle, then so should she do, and secondly it was she who got him do this. I mean please be reasonable.

He asked my advice and I said i don't know! :(

I mean its tricky, discussing money with your partner is one of the trickiest things, I am not at all equipped to help him! I hope he can deal with this one.

But yes, his phone call really reminded me of the article that I read today, which mentioned how saving is as addicting as spending is. :)

Bless you pal.

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