Saturday, September 6, 2008

August Update

August was a bad month financially. I overshoot my budget and my credit card has given me even bigger dent for this month. Again there were many reasons:
1) So many birthdays (4 of my family members)
2) Festivals
3) I needed some furniture for my home
4) My car (eats a huge pie)
5) I fell ill and also my DH

Bad in all. :(
I hope to recover from it all this month and hopefully by next month I'll be back on my target. :)

My September Goals:
1) Manage all the expenses within cash budget
2) Use Credit card only for petrol
3) Save at least half of what I usually save monthly


  1. Do you post your goals somewhere that they're visible? I always mean to use a grease pencil on my bathroom of these days I'll get around to buyng one. :)

    Good luck!

  2. hmm, I am trying to help myself with that. Your idea is great. Thanks Emily. :)