Monday, September 8, 2008

Hobby – to learn something new or to have a dent!

I always wanted to learn to play Guitar. One day I finally got myself enrolled in the class and bought a Guitar for me. Now after 2 months, what’s my progress? I have not gone to my class past initial 10 days and my guitar has loads of dust over it and needs cleaning. Result, craze is gone and left a dent in my pocket.

How many times we all do it and I think I do it most often of you all! Whenever I am new to some hobby, I am never sure what’s required and what’s not so required. I end up spending money on all the things and buy the best stuff available. Soon enough then I find that it is not as interesting at it seemed to be. Too bad! So time to learn:

1) Educate yourself enough before jumping into anything.
2) To start, borrow or rent the equipments, rather then buying.
3) Don’t buy the stuff till you are half way through.
4) Explore the option of buying the used stuff.
5) Don’t buy the best thing (read most expensive with all the latest features) available. Advanced features can only be used by advanced users.

In fact why to have those hobbies that want you to put in more money? Hobbies should be something creative, right? And even if a hobby wants you to use some equipment, does that really have to be cool and the latest most? No. While learning something new what matters is time and hard work you are putting in and not the money on new equipments.

I hope I have learned my lessons, hard way. :(

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