Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How do you behave when you are sad?

What do you do when you are sad? Well, I am one of those who can not cry easily. So whenever I am sad, I never have easy option of crying and venting it out. And then I do so many things just to feel good, but it most of the times goes in vain.

• I’ll waste my time and just couldn’t concentrate on my work
• Won’t be able to eat, days will pass and I will be skipping my meals
• Won’t be able to sleep
• Reading time will increase exponentially
• Will not be doing my daily chores
• If I have nothing to read, I’ll be killing my time watching TV
• Won’t be talking to anyone

I call this my silent therapy. I need this to sort out things in my head. But I agree it’s really harsh on people around me. I turn quite an introvert monster whenever I am sad. I really need to improve here, because people around me often complain that I am almost un-approachable whenever I am angry or sad.

This is my next personal goal, to watch myself whenever feeling down.


  1. After reading about your sadness symptoms, I reflect on how different Americans are. We eat too much, or call the doctor for happy pills. Personally, I find myself snapping at my son much more, and that's something I'm working on.

    Are you sad now?

  2. no, this is more abt my general behavior.

  3. When I am sad, I think I tend to get angry more. Because it is easier to feel angry than to feel sad/hurt.

    I watch a lot of TV.

    I buy things to make myself feel better.