Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some low cost things to do while you are free

I was thinking about some of the inexpensive hobbies one can have, and here is my list:

1) Writing (Mine too)
2) Running / Jogging
3) Sleeping (Mine too)
4) Star Gazing (Mine too)
5) Do It Yourself
6) Calligraphy
7) Singing
8) Astrology
9) Dancing
10) Playing Sudoku (Mine too)


  1. *Trying a new recipe using only foods already on hand.
    *Meeting a neighbor (and hopefully making a new friend)
    *Playing board games
    *Relaxing with a cup of tea

    My weaknesses are the written word, too. Whether it be mine or someone else's, through books or blogs, it's fun and enlightening to get someone else's point of view on something. It's a great habit to pass on to your children, too.

  2. 2 more from my side(both these can be done free from the net) :

    2.sharing online deals with friends specially paytm/fk/am/sd :-)

    From 2 , I saved more than a lakh i guess in last 2 yrs buying very much needed things like led tv from FIL,415L fridge for self & Mom :-)