Friday, August 8, 2008

Spend 5 days in Rs 100 per person

While browsing news channel, I came across one exciting game. They asked few of their employees to spend a day out in Rs.100. And then they had a show how they all used their money.

I got enthused by the idea and shared same with my hubby. He apparently appreciated the thought. And we decided that we will try to live 5 days on Rs. 100 each. So from Monday to Friday, we have to go out every day and only thing that we could spend was Rs 200 in whole. This of course didn’t include petrol cost and grocery for home. This only included outing expenses and we went out everyday after our office.

Monday: We went to Sarojini Nagar. It’s a street market in South of Delhi. I am in street market, so resisting shopping was tough. I bought one pair of socks and one bag to collect dirty clothes, and oops we already spent 60 bucks. Given we need Rs 10 for parking, we were left with 130 bucks. We had a round in the market and just browsed all the stuff available. I found one Capri that I really needed, but couldn’t shell 100 bucks for it. So I decided, can buy it later in this week. Went to a local food joint and had dinner there in 93 bucks. So after rounding off the payment, we still had Rs 30. Wow, I can take toll back, and remaining Rs 10 went for pani puri. So Day-One was success and fun. :)

Tuesday: We went to Dilli Haat. It’s a local handicraft market, again in South Delhi. Entry ticket was Rs 30 for us. :( So we decided to have food first and then see if we can shop something, as I only have Rs 160 now. Remember Rs 10 is for parking. We had one plate momos and one plate noodles, and that costed only Rs 70. Wow! Rs 90 left so I bought some bangles for Rs 50. Took toll back and still saved Rs 20. Great day.

Wednesday: It was CP this time that is in Central Delhi. We parked our vehicle in inner circle. We ate street food and finished our dinner in Rs 50 only. Then I bought a skirt for Rs 120, and that had huge bargaining effort involved. My calculation showed that after giving parking expenses, I can still use toll for going back. But they have hourly charges for parking after more than 4 hours, and I parked my vehicle for around 5 hours. I had to drop Rs 20 and no toll to go back. Day went ok as CP is tedious. :(

Thursday: By now, we have almost mastered this trick. And I wanted to watch a movie. Long live Shakuntalam. My old college time favorite theatre. Ok, we will bear without dolby and all, but watching ‘tashan’, yuck. But movie is needed, I am missing my bollywood quotient for the week and hence really feeling depressed. So we watched ‘tashan’ at Rs 70 per head and ate road side chinese food in Rs 50. Day again a success and visiting shakuntalam was definitely nostalgic and real fun.

Friday: Last day of the regime. We were happy that from tomorrow we don’t have to appear so stingy. And I was really tired as usual so we decided for Mac D’s and that was kind of lavish. We had burgers, French fries, soft drinks and burgers again all within Rs 180 and again saved Rs 10. Wow.

Last five days were full of some real fun, excitement and lots of adventure. We will like to spend this routine every once in a while and now I really want that Capri :)


  1. What about the fuel spent on getting to the place? :) Even if you have fueled up your vehicle before, you are burning the fuel while traveling on these days right?