Thursday, August 14, 2008

what to buy?

Shopping and buying stuff is one activity that no one can survive without. Problem here is that there is so much out their to buy that deciding what to buy and what not to buy is a daunting task in itself! So one day we sat and made rules for deciding what to buy:

1) I absolutely need it.
a. I need it to save my time, for example Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine.
b. I need it to save my health, for example, my new sitting arrangement (so that we don’t get tempted to lay on our back and watch TV on our sofa cum bed), new mattress.
c. I need it to save my money, press, sewing machine.
2) I can afford it. If not, better save for it.
3) I have space in my home for same. I don’t want to clutter my space.
4) I have no alternative for it.

And once I started following these principles, they helped. I am savig huge amount on daily basis now. :)

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