Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning from July

Month of July was quite a success when it came to managing expenses. I analyzed it and thought one of the best things I achieved is avoiding the marts for my grocery shopping.

Well in one of the previous months, once I made a list of things I need in my grocery and went to a mart. When I came home I realized that I have spent double then what I expected to spend on these items and still have not bought all the necessary items. No the mart people were not duping me. It was actually be who proved to be spoony. I bought all those things that were not there on my list and I hardly need.

So I decided that for this month, rather then visiting marts for my grocery shopping, I will visit my neighborhood store for same. And it did really help. My budget was a success in the first month itself, where both of us were really suspicious about our budget initially.

If you are in India, you can also give it a try. It worked for me, may be it can work for you too!

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