Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birth Day India

15th August 1947, got us the independence. And today, on 15th August 2008, is India’s 61st birthday. We, as a country have grown quite a lot from where we started. Forget about span of 61 years, I have seen so many changes around me since my childhood, that I generally feel that I am quite old now :(. Span of 20 years too seems to be so big at times.

1) India emerged as a Major IT hub.
2) India also emerged as major outsourcing hub.
3) Green revolution made us food sufficient
4) White revolution made us milk sufficient.
5) Real estate is at all time high
6) Automobile industry is growing like never before
7) Telecommunication network seems to be expanding every day
8) Retail market has just started, it has a long way to go
9) Bollywood is trying to improve (will do. 2007 was good year after all)
10) Tourism is adding new wings, like medical tourism.

There is so much happening around, that I am sure we have made huge progress economically, but given amount of workforce, huge markets yet to be explored, I am quite sure we have long way to go ahead. All that is needed is, everybody is contributing their bit, and India will definitely progress ahead.

Happy Birthday India.

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