Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anxiety after impulsive buying

I wanted to do my drawing room, it just looks so plane otherwise.

On last weekend we went to Cottage Emporium and place was ‘Shopping Paradise’ for handicraft fetish people like me n my hubby. And we bought a dining table and little sitting arrangement. I kept reminding myself all the while that it’s not a good idea to buy all the things at one go, but couldn’t resist the stuff available there.

This is real example of impulsive buying. Our drawing room definitely looks very good now and given rakhi next weekend, redo is rightly timed as well. The only problem is anxiety now; impulsive buying always leaves me with doubts, like:

1) Was it really a good deal?
2) Will the stuff be durable enough?
3) Will everybody like it as much as I do?
4) Did I really need this stuff in first place?

I wonder whether it’s only me who gets anxious after Impulsive Buying or there are many more just like me! But for now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed to get good comments (even OK will do) from relatives visiting us this weekend. :)


  1. To answer one of your questions, "will everyone else like it", I hope you're saying "Who cares?". It's your money, buy what you will enjoy. Looking at the buyer's remorse you're having right now, how much worse would that be in your spent your money on something everyone else would approve of, but you secretly hated?

    Chin up, I'm sure it's beautiful!

  2. ya emily, U R right! I agree, that its my money. But the best thing can be buying something that U like and so does everyone else around. And this time, this happened. Everyone liked it. :)