Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taking things for-granted

This whole week was very bad. I had to take two offs from my work because of the mouth ulcers I got. And need not to say that I hate being at home because of any kind of illness. :(

While I was killing my time in front of my TV set, (I was at a place with no Internet connection :( ), I was missing my home the most. I always took my home for granted. I mean, off from work, I know I have to head home, done with outing, head back for your home, do anything in this world, and you know you are going to go back to your home. But when I was not there and couldn’t come back to that place, then I realized how much I love my home. I took it for granted and thought that it’s anyhow always there for me.

And it’s not only my home, there are so many things that I take for granted. So I decided to list few of the things that I could recall:

1) Home
2) Partner
3) Parents and Siblings
4) Health
5) Confidence
6) Sun Light

And I am sure there are so many other things. I guess the last item illustrates that I am already off the track in my listings. :)

But how this helps, I mean how I can help myself by this list. Well in lots of ways actually:

1) Start loving all these things more.
2) Start thanking the almighty power for these supports in my life
3) Start taking good care of these things
4) Or may be stopping taking some of these things for granted.

How about you? Can you list some of the things that you take for granted? How can you improve your attitude (or may how can I) towards these things? I am really curious to know.

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