Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Power of Rounding Up: Saving Rs. 15000

I love to do my budget and tracking my expenses. That gives me a sense of situation in control. Every time I track my expense, I round it up to next multiple of 5. Let’s say I bought A, B and C for Rs 21, 25, and 27 respectively on the same day. In my expense book they will be entered as: A, B, C – 75 (21+25+27=72).

At the end of day, all my coins go in my piggy bank. Once my piggy bank gets full, I take out coins and exchange them for notes. This amount then goes in my miscellaneous earning accounts in my account book. I was browsing my money book last night and realized that in last 2 years, I have saved approximately Rs 15000 out of this saving habit. Wow was the feeling after my results.

I loved the power of Rounding Up. It acts just like a phoenix.


  1. haha..
    IT thats a very good idea.

    Do you know any good "account book" softwares for India ,specially one which gives flexibility?
    I had discovered the benefit of tracking few years ago on a train journey where i realised I spent more money on books& paper i bought enroute than the money for the ticket itself .
    But haven't had the guts to dig into excel to make a account book

  2. i have my custom made excel to track that I am using for last 7 years. Never delved into for softwares. Allow me some time, will try to find some for you.

  3. i have a basic question!
    where do you exchange coins for notes? At a bank??

  4. in India, small shopkeepers will happily do this for me. :)