Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things I always waste my money on!

I generally live by frugal means. I don’t like to waste my hard earned money, but I am not perfect:(. There are so many things that tempt me beyond my self-control and I buy them impulsively. On my last birthday, 3rd August, I took a resolution that I’ll restrain myself from buying at least two such things this whole year.

Finally I found some time, and listed few of the things I am always tempted towards.

1) Wallets - One of the biggest blunders I do quite often with my money, buying all those wallets. I have fascination for wallets, and I have approximately dozen wallets with me. I only use one at a time, and rest all just be there in my store.

2) Strange Dresses - Buying all those dresses from the places I visit, that I have almost never wore in my life. I don’t have any more space in my closet now.

3) Key chains – I love key chains. I have approximately 100 of them. I will stop buying any more of them.

4) Balloons – I love balloons. They are not very expensive either. But I guess I am grown up now and should stop buying balloons. :(

5) Handcrafted Stuff – My biggest weakness. Will not buy those hand made bags, bangles and other decorative stuff any more.

6) Sun Screens – We have long summer, and I have delicate skin. But I hardly use all those sun screens that I buy when summer begins. And sun screens generally don’t last more than 2 seasons. Bye bye extra sun screens.

7) Buying gifts for others – One thing I have hard learnt, gifts need a big occasion. There are other ways to pamper your loved ones. Will try them for my near ones rather then gift therapy from now on.

8) Stationary (dairy, pens, pencils, markers and what not) – I am not a student any more and don’t need those smart diaries and pens. May be limiting them to one diary and few pens. :(

As I am writing this, I know how tough this is going to be. Let’s see how far I can go with my resolutions.


  1. Are you my long lost twin? I love wallets. I used to buy a lot of wallets a few years back and they would just sit there collecting dust while I used one. I gave some away as gifts, now I have about 10 them. Believe me, that's a significant decrease in number. I used to tell my mum it's a sign that I love wallets- must mean I will be making a lot of money. She used to say- that just means you won't have any money to put in your wallet because you spend all of it on buying wallets.
    I also love stationary!

  2. I loved this long last twins. :)
    and guess what it seems even our moms are so, my mom used to tell me same. :)