Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Changes done in life

This is more of personal update kind of blog.

About 17 months ago, I listed things that I always waste my money on. I would like to see whether that listing has helped me to curb any of my bad habits or not. Here is the update

  • Wallets - I bought only one new wallet since then and yes got two new as gift. I'll count it as a success, because I curbed my urge to spend on this on my own. (Score: 1/8)

  • Strange Dresses - I took 2 trips since then and have not bought any traditional dress at any place. I also curbed to buy lovely Japanese Frock so many times. (Score: 2/8)

  • (P.S. I loved something similar to shown in photograph, in red color).
  • Key chains – Have not bought any new keychain since then but got 2 as a gift. To compensate, I have given away approx 20 key chains from my collection. (Score: 3/8)

  • Balloons – No more balloons for me. Wow. I am doing well. (Score: 4/8)

  • Handcrafted Stuff – Very hard to resist and I failed badly. I Bought lots of handcrafted stuff to decorate my home. This is a sure shot failure. :(

  • Sun Screens – No new sunscreens bought since I listed that I have fetish for them and also got none as a gift. Success. (Score: 5/8)

  • Gifts – No Comments. All I can say is: "Few Habits Die Hard". ;)

  • Stationary – Not even a penny spent here. Wow. (Score: 6/8)

  • Final Score: 6 out of 8 have been controlled. That is the fun of listing things down. If things can be seen in black and white, they can be worked upon.


    1. I hope they will improve some day.. but the point is I love giving gifts :)

    2. Okay my list is very small



      For books... i joined a library so i cut down on purchase costs of magazines and new books.


    3. @Anonymous - Lucky You. I am a big spend thrift :)