Friday, January 29, 2010

Happiness vs Money

Recently I was watching one of the episodes of Big Boss. Co-contestants asked Bakhtiyar how much money according to him is sufficient for one month and he answered one crore. Did I heard that correctly? Does he really mean 1 crore per month, that is a one followed by seven zeroes?

Do you really need that much money to be happy? Well that’s what he wants and I of course should not be judging him. But this conversation really made me think about this. How much money do I need to be happy or is it really money that is going to make me happy or is it am I really not happy currently?

Thanks to my God, I have all my answers. No, I don’t need money to be happy or its not money that’s going to make me happy. I am quite content with what I have currently. I work hard for a financially secure future.

I am very clear in my thoughts that money can make one’s life comfortable or miserable. But there are many rich people I know whose life is very miserable and loads of not so rich families exists who are very happy, content and comfortable in their lifestyle.

To be happy, one doesn’t need huge paycheck every month. Rather, one needs a balance life, a good family, a healthy body, peaceful mind, work to do that you love and some basic amenities.

May, all human beings get blessed for these things for rest of their life.


  1. Cannot agree with you more that to be happy, one doesn't need a huge paycheck every month. :) Nice blog,btw.

    Sailu @ Indian Recipes and Indian Recipes for Kids