Saturday, January 16, 2010

Auto Expo 2010 - Summary

India is a market of small cars. It is the market that was dominated by Maruti at one time primarily because there were no other players in the market. Then came Hyundai and now Santro and i10 are among favorite Indian Small Cars along with Maruti 800, Wagon R, Zen and Swift. Last year TATA launched Nano, a proud Indian small car.

This year auto expo just proves that world knows that India is going to be Hot market in coming years and that's the reason Auto Expo 2010 has so many small cars from Huge Car manufactures from all across the globe.

Few of the names that have bent the rules to make small cars for India are:

1) Our very own Maruti Suzuki
2) Toyota
3) General Motors
4) Honda
5) Volkswagen
6) India's proud TATA Motors

Also, there are various luxury cars and SUV being launched in Auto Expo 2010.

India's journey has just begun and I am once again proud to be an Indian.:)

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