Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 personal finance roundup

I never set any goals for 2009. But since we are in last week of 2009, I am trying to list how we (me and DH) fared financially in 2009.

1) We saved for my new car and bought it using down payment.
2) We are under budget in our yearly allocated expense amount by approximately 41K. This is not bad at all, given we faced so many unplanned home improvement projects in 2009.
3) We exhausted and exceeded my spending in 3 categories of my budget. Eating Out, Home and Gifts (No body gets any gift for guessing the third one).
4) We were able to reduce electricity bill of my house to two-third.
5) Fuel charges are also reduced significantly.
6) Though we are over-budget in Eating Out, we still reduced significantly compared to 2008. This is because this time I allocated half of what was allocated in 2008 and I am over-board by one Rs100.
7) I have curbed by shopping for clothes obsession significantly.
8) We have achieved our savings goal for the year.

How about you? How you all fared in 2010?


  1. I'm in love with your write-ups...and feel bad since no one bothered to reply or add a, here's a thumbs UP from me.. PAD

  2. thanks anonymous. I am flattered. But please don't feel sad. I have made quite a good friends while blogging. New one added today. :)