Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Indians

I read an article on FB's blog, which triggered me to stop reading her. This was not because I am a hypocrite and can't take any criticism. But I can't stand people who are biased or people who love to have an opinion on anything and everything, without possessing any significant information on that topic.

I have worked in a BPO (call center as popularly known) and have many friends who work for US based call centers. I have heard and faced numerous stories of Dumb Americans. But, does that entitles me to say that Americans are dumb and that is why they are facing layoffs and all? No! My take on such a topic, or any topic for that matter will be, there is good and bad in everything. May be I have met few people who seemed dumb in any particular situation, but they can be good at other so many things.

So, if FB has met few Indians who lied or couldn’t deliver what they promised, simply doesn’t mean that all Indians are corrupt.

My blog is named as “Indian Thoughts”, simply because I believe we Indians have the capability to think “Out of Box”. Our culture and value system is far better then North Americans in my opinion. And above all, we don’t judge people based on nationality.

I am proud to be an Indian and pity for those who can’t appreciate beauty but rather love to crib about everybody and everything they know of.


  1. I am proud of being an Indian and really feel the similar way about them. What should more I say? But myself is an Indian with an IT career.

  2. very true, everyone have their share of angels and demons within them.
    Not just nationality based, region based, language based, caste based any kind of prejudice is ignorance, a.k.a utter stupidity.
    one has to know the person himself or herself then make a judgment.