Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not Repeating the dresses

I love dressing up and love my colorful wardrobe. But my stuffed wardrobe resulted in not-so-fun pattern:
  1. I was always wearing the clothes that were at top of the stack.
  2. I will do laundry at weekend and then same set of clothes will be again at top of stack.

As a result, I never got a chance to explore my whole wardrobe. Also, because I was repeating my same set of clothes most of the time, urge to buy new clothes was always there.

So, I decided, that I'll not wear a dress again till my wardrobe gets empty. I changed my pattern to adjust to this new approach of dressing:

  1. I was wearing the dress that was at the top of stack.
  2. I generally wear dark colored dresses twice before throwing them away for laundry, so that is not considered repeat.
  3. Once a dress is out for laundry, I kept it in separate cupboard, without ironing. This helped me to curb my temptation of wearing my favorite dress again.

When I started with this on 22nd July 2009, I told myself that this experiment will be over in 2 months. Here are observations of same:

  1. Initial one month was easy as I was still wearing my recent and most favorite clothes from the top of stack.
  2. As I moved to wearing clothes that I have not worn in long time, I found out that so many of them don't fit well any more and need alteration.
  3. There was a time in middle of this experiment, when I was just waiting for this to end and go shopping for new clothes. This was primarily because at that time I was wearing clothes that I don't love any more for using everyday. But they all still had emotional value for me, too tough to throw them out.
  4. I have many more clothes then my first estimate.

The experiment lasted for close to 4 months (only one week less). I felt bad. I have stuff way more then I need. I didn't feel any more urge to go and buy new ones. After separating out absolute clutter, I love my wardrobe again.


  1. It saved me whole chunk of money and continue to do so because now every time when I look at a cute dress, I tell myself that I don't need it. I have my wardrobe full.
  2. It taught me a great deal of self discipline.

A sure success. :)


  1. I loved this post - it makes me salivate for the day when I can fit into all my cutie clothes again! Are those sari's? They're beautiful - we live on a block that has 3 Indian families, and I absolutely love their colorful clothing.

    So glad you're back, PJ!

  2. Emily these are suits. I'll some day post my collection of sarees as well. hey sweety.. i was never away.. just busy to write my own thoughts.. but trust me.. i always read and missed you :)