Monday, December 21, 2009

Duplicate Charges on my Debit Card

The last week I had one more financial mishap, other then finding out the discount after three days of placing an order and now duplicate payment on my Debit Card.

On 19th Dec, I made a payment on a store using the ABN AMRO Debit Card, first time it showed card declined. Vendor again initiated the transaction using same card and second time it succeeded. Later in the day, when I checked my online statement, I noticed that money was deducted both the times from my account.

I immediately called customer care of the bank and he told me that I should wait for 24 hours to see if money gets credited back automatically into my account. If not, then I should initiate the complaint process. I waited for 24 hours and today morning called the customer care again. They politely told me that servers are down and I should call them back in half an hour. Will do so again around lunch time. Though the amount is small, Rs. 200 only, but I am still not sure if I'll get it back or not.

Always check your online statement, esp. at the end of days when you know you have used it to do some transaction. In my 4+ years of using the ABN AMRO Card, it is the first time that something like this has happened.

Update: I got my Rs 200 back. Woohoo..

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