Monday, December 28, 2009

Guilt Shopping

My DH's shoes needed immediate replacement as he was wearing them in unwearable conditions from last one year. Please don't get me wrong, this has nothing to do with my budget and no I am not depriving him by any means. He is a real lazy man when it comes to shopping. Three times prior to this we went to buy new shoes for him, but he will make one excuse or another and delay the purchase.

So, yesterday I almost scolded him to get one and we went to a shoe shop. He finalized one for him and there was a huge queue on billing counter. What happened to the entire recession thing that I still hear or is it the holiday season?

Well, so just to pass the time I thought I’ll explore ladies section. Well, this shouldn't be any dangerous as I never ever got my size shoe, from this brand before. Add to that I only wear Flats, a rare commodity. Plus my old experience of the salesmen there was that they are least helpful. They are never interested in showing anything not already in display.

While I was browsing the shoes, I saw some real good flat shoes, but none of my size in display. A polite salesman approached me and started to help me. He suggested me other shoes, also fetched lots of shoes from stock. First time ever I saw a salesman so polite, so eager to sell. After trying 5 shoes all showed by that polite gentleman, none of my size, I left the showroom. While I was leaving, that man gave me really sorry look. I felt terribly bad. I really needed nothing, but the way he helped me, and looked at me when nothing fitted me, I probably could have bought something if my size would have been available.

After coming out of store, I was still feeling bad. It was so tough to convince me that I didn't need any new shoes and there were actually none available of my size. I am not going to do window shopping ever. :(

Do you ever feel guilty this way?

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