Monday, December 21, 2009

Car bought in Down Payment

Setting a goal and achieving same gives Out Of World Joy and Ecstasy. After successfully saving for my studies, I achieved one more financial success that I wanted to mention here. I succesfully saved in cash for my new Car and bought my new car. Yup, it's a new I10 in white color.

  • I saved religiously for it for last 8 months.

  • I spent almost 2 days and roamed around all the dealers in Delhi to get the quotes. This made sure that all dealers understood that I am not here to do window shopping but am really serious for purchase.

  • When I got the best deal, i tried calling all other dealers and politely asked them if they can match/beat this deal. This served two purposes, 1) I double checked that I am getting the best deal if no other dealer could actually match it. 2) If any other dealer could give me a better deal, I would have saved even more.

  • Then I booked the car and initiated series of cheques to collect all my funds in one account to order a DD. I didn't pay in cash because I am really scared of fake currency. :(

  • After one week, I paid the DD and got the car.
And now, I am a proud owner of a brand new car without any debt.

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  1. Lovely!!
    Lot to learn from you :)