Thursday, December 24, 2009

May God Save All Whirlpool Customers

I have a whirlpool washing machine, front loading, fully automatic washing machine. Description itself speaks that this is one of the high end machines. It stopped working one doomed day, which was some one month back.

Now, today, four complaints and three engineer visits later, my machine is still not working properly. Sometimes its temperature knob is reversed and this time, so called Mr. senior engineer fitted main knob incorrectly. Machine starts with a spin cycle... woohoo.. save detergent... save water, directly spin.. brilliant concept. At the time of service he was more intrested in selling Water softener to my DH then to work on machine.

Well, my stint with whirlpool customer care has been so bad that all I wanna do is to pray for all whirlpool customers, because their staff seems to be quite incompetent, i just hope that god saves me and all of you guys there. After all if Rs 7000 gets you this world class service, then who if not GOD.

Update: I got the engineer today. He called us on friday but I had some unexpected emergency to deal with on Friday and Saturday. So, he called back sunday morning and visited my machine. It seems that knob need to be changed. He committed to do same by tomorrow evening. My fingers are crossed till then.
Update: Engineer came back as promised and changed the knob. I'll wash one round of clothes and see what all is not working this time.

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