Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Garden's Photo for 2009

I started gardening in Aug 2008, after my marriage.
In 2009 I tried growing lots of vegatables, flowers. Here is collections of few of the close to heart photographs from my garden. You can click at the photographs to see them enlarged.

First one is a flower which blossoms all the summers, I love its Pink Flowers.

Second is one of the Lady Finger or Okra from my vegetable garden.

This is bitter gourd, very healthy and one of favourite dishes for my Dad and DH.

It's a collage of some of the other plants from garden, including my Chinese Lemon plant, Chilli plant and EggPlant's plant and my cherry plant at extreme right corner.

It's one more collage of some lovely flowers and my tomatoes.

I miss you all, and waiting for summers to plant some of back. :)


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful garden! I love gardening too and can't wait to get back out there!

    Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year!


  2. i would love to believe that i have a beautiful garden and thanks for appreciating. :)

  3. Is this from Hyderabad? Where did you get seeds from in Hyderabad??

  4. No, these are from noida. I don't have lawn in here. :(
    but I think u mite get at nursery at corner of roads all across madhapur road and old mumbai express way road.. i have never got them myself though

  5. Awesome garden :)
    What's the name of that pink flowered plant?