Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Final Update

October is gone and that was my month. I struggled through out, reasons many:
1) Last month's goof up
2) Inflation increases as an every day phenomenon
3) Tight schedule in office
4) Festival season

But there was the biggest positive that came out of september, this month DH was supporting me rather then questioning me in budgeting. He really helped me in cutting down eating out expenses. My september experiment paid off really well, more then I expected it to. So I am glad with the results.

I spended Rs4000 more then I actually budgeted. Which is 26% more then I wanted to. Quite bad, isn't it. But I guess I should be able to control it as it seems to be in categories like Gift, Home Stuff and Misc.

Out of 10 No spend days that I planned, I got 5. Again only 50%.

Overall, atleast numbers wise, October was a failure. :(

1 comment:

  1. Failure? Nope....learning experience. The great thing about personal finance is it's basically self-taught. Have you noticed that every month gets a little better? And that's fantastic news about DH! Based on that fact alone, I'd probably label October a big, FAT success!