Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3rd November 2008

Beginning of the new month always seems tough. I have to pay the bills, buy the stuff needed for this month. This takes up all of mine money and energy. As a trend I generally spend 50% of my money in initial one week. At such a time, it seems impossible that I'll ever have any no spend day :(. But my experience of last month tells me that this is the way it goes. In the first week, no matter how much I plan, I can't have any day without spending.

My plan for achieving this month target is to get 2 no spend days per week. Today is Tuesday and I have to get all the vegetables for week from our weekly market. If I book saturday for other grocery shopping per week, then it seems that I might achieve my target this month. I am sticking to weekly shopping for this month, for 2 reasons:
1) Market is a 2 minutes walk for me.
2) Once in a month grocery shopping some how doesn't work for me.

No matter how granular list I make, I always slip with some items and again have to rush. So I started a new practice, make a list of all the things that I bought last month. In the beginning of new month, I go shopping for all the items that was needed in last month using the list. Once I am done with this one time shopping, I make a weekly list of items that I needed other then those in previous list as and when I remember something or needed something. I have fixed one day per week to shop for this appendix list. And yes then I append these new items to my monthly shopping list. I hope, this method will work for me.

So far I didn't have any no spend day. :(

Will keep you all updated by my progress.

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