Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tracking - 12 November 2008

Yesterday was my second no spend day. I missed one more no spend day because just in evening I realized that its someone's bday and I hosted him a birthday party.

Well, no matter how much I try, this column of my expense sheet dominates month after month. I am never able to reduce gifts expenses. I love giving gifts and surprises to my near and dear ones. I have tried everything that I can think of to reduce this one but all in vain. I really need to think of some strategy here and put it to work. That should be my next month goal!

Anyhow, by now I have almost finished half of my monthly budget. My new tracking mantra of month seems to be huge hit as of now(Goals for November). Credit Card bill is quite under my control so far. I will try to master this mantra by practicing it for another 3 months and then make my budget more granualar( i.e. will start deciding budget per column as in grocery, etc seperately).

My Numbers updated:
No Spend Days: 2/8


  1. PJ, do you have any crafting skills? I can crochet a very basic stitch, and I find that people love getting handmade scarves/blankets/etc. Or what about cooking someone a meal (or a plate of brownies)? Gifting can be harried, and very expensive, but I find that, in my stage of life (30's), people are starting to appreciate a time investment at least as much as a money investment.

    2 no-spend days? Awesome!

  2. I do have some crafting skills, like I can knit. But, I am generally short of time now a days, so end up buying gifts. [:(]

    But thanks alot for this nice idea, I'll definitely keep this mind for next time on.