Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Final Update and December Goals

November is almost gone. I lost my CC and 50000 bucks in one second. That happened almost in mid of the month and then we were very demotivated to save. So we are little over budget this month, minus the loss. Major goof ups from our side:

1) Eating Out and Outing budget is over shoot.
2) Gifts is again high.
3) Bills were high, because we had some pending bills.
4) I had 6 No Spending Days from 8 planned.

I know what all I did wrong, so no point in analyzing.

My Cell phone is 5 years old and in very very bad shape. It switches off automatically every time i am talking to someone. I desperately need a new one. This is shaking my next month's budget too. I wanted to wrap everything in 30000, but it seems I have to goto 32000.

So this is my goal for next month: 32000 for all monthly expenses.


  1. I hope December proves to be a better month for you. It's easy to lose the mojo when unexpected things start happening, but remember that's the time we really need to dig in our heels and struggle. I'm with you, girl. We choked a little this past month, but are optimistic about next month. Let's work on it together. Can we update every week on the blog? It'd be fun, a buddy system from across the world!

  2. I am so sorry to read about someone stealing your CC and charging it! That's horrible! It's happened to me here in the US, but fortunately here you are not responsible to pay when someone steals it. I hope you are feeling better and that it's not stopping you from your goal of being frugal and saving!
    Good luck!

  3. Woman, it's been quiet over here lately. Everything okay? Sorry I bailed on the week-to-week thing - Christmas has really hit us hard in the wallet and I'm having trouble being honest right now. :(

  4. happy new year was the mumbai visit?